At Calculus Capital we are specialists in creating and managing tax efficient private equity funds for the individual. Funds that are ideal for today's market - offering generous tax benefits, and significant growth potential within a sensible risk profile.


We look to make £2-5 million investments in established companies with proven management teams and a successful product or service. Our entrepreneurial flair, combined with our experience and sound commercial judgement has resulted in a diversified investment portfolio and an impressive track record. 


In June 2013 Calculus Capital was top ranked in the prestigious Martin Churchill Tax Efficient Review for the 6th year in a row. 


The Government has recently shown its support for EIS funds, by maintaining the five generous tax benefits and widening the scope of EIS investments. These changes benefit Calculus Capital's rigorous and proven strategy. As a result we are experiencing our strongest pipeline of prospective investments yet.


In our view, there has never been a better time to invest in EIS funds.


 Calculus Capital EIS Fund 14


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 Calculus Capital Awards

Awards x4


Calculus won Best EIS Investment Exit after delivering a 582% return from Scancell.