ActiveOps – Delivering Growth

Calculus portfolio company ActiveOps provides best in class solutions to organisations looking to optimise the use of their technical and human resources.

Since Calculus invested in March 2014, the Company has grown significantly. Total revenues have grown by over 130%, with the most valuable SaaS revenues growing even faster.

This recently produced video provides an overview of the company from the CEO, Richard Jeffery, and the demonstrable benefits provided to clients.

[youtube id=”NqpoSlmU0RI”]

ActiveOps (formerly AOMi) provides hosted back office workforce optimisation software (Workware™) which manages and optimises team performance in real-time. When used in conjunction with the AOM™ method, Workware™ enables teams and “teams of teams” to collaborate better and sustain higher productivity. By measuring and managing performance, individuals and teams can rapidly become more efficient by removing process bottlenecks and creating spare capacity. Workware™ is typically able to deliver greater than 15% productivity gains within months of going live.

Workware™ is delivered to clients on a hosted basis, creating a recurring, highly visible revenue stream, as well as being able to scale rapidly as new users are added. ActiveOps has been successful in winning major enterprise customers in more than 35 different countries across a number of different verticals.