Arecor announces positive results for the phase I clinical trial of ultra rapid acting formulation of insulin

Arecor Limited (“Arecor” or “the Company”), the biopharmaceutical company advancing today’s therapies to enable healthier lives, today announces positive headline results for the Phase I clinical trial of its ultra-rapid acting insulin product candidate, AT247. In the study, AT247 provided a favourable pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic profile compared with NovoRapid® and Fiasp®. AT247, an investigational novel meal-time insulin formulation, aims to significantly accelerate insulin absorption, post injection, to enable more effective management of blood glucose levels. It has been designed to achieve pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties that more closely match the physiological insulin mealtime response of a person without diabetes. AT247 has the potential to significantly improve post prandial glucose control, flexibility of insulin dosing as well as the potential clinical benefits of avoiding both hypo and hyperglycaemia.

Complete results from this study have been submitted for publication at a major diabetes conference in 2020.

Sarah Howell, Chief Executive Officer of Arecor, said: “The successful completion of our AT247 Phase I clinical trial marks an important step in our goal to develop a proprietary portfolio of even faster acting insulins targeted
at improving treatment and healthcare outcomes for people living with Type I diabetes. In addition to the potential to improve blood glucose control after meals, AT247 may play a critical role in advancing artificial pancreas systems. With AT247’s favourable profile over current treatments, we believe that our products have the potential to advance the diabetic treatment landscape. We look forward to reporting the full data from this Phase I study in due course.”