Boris Johnson visits Mologic

Mologic are developing a rapid test for coronavirus

The UK government announced funding of £46m to find a coronavirus vaccine and develop a rapid test for the disease. On the back of this, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Mologic’s lab in Bedfordshire, where scientists are using expertise and experience from previous epidemics to create a quicker and cheaper way to diagnose coronavirus. This rapid test could mean results are provided in 20 minutes, and without the need of a medical professional or sending samples to labs for testing. This will mean patients can be treated more quickly, reducing the risk of them passing the virus onto others and helping them to recover faster. These tests can also be used by countries around the world that are not currently able to diagnose the virus at all, or have the medical infrastructure to conduct laboratory tests.

“Rapid testing is going to be key to managing this outbreak,” said the Government’s chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance.

Mologic has created similar tests for Ebola, yellow fever and measles. With funding and support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Mologic established the Centre for Advanced Rapid Diagnostics (CARD) platform to deliver unprecedented improvements and innovation in flow technology.

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