Burrito boom: How Mexican restaurants have taken over London

Benito’s Hat was mentioned in CITY AM’s article on the rise of Mexican food outlets in London. The article compares the different Mexican food chains available.

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Fast food has become fashionable in London and the burrito has become one of the trendiest meals in town.

Benito’s Hat founder Ben Fordham told City A.M. that the rise in popularity came after restaurant chains changed the perception of Mexican food in the UK.

He said: “Mexican food has had a bad reputation over here for such a long time but only because people were doing it badly. However, once good quality, casual Mexican food arrived the rapid growth is all about the fact that, when done well, it is all about great fresh food. A burrito is a more balanced meal than a sandwich and allows customers to customise their meal in hundreds of different ways from all of the fresh ingredients exactly to their tastes.
“Mexican food is a celebration of vibrant, fresh ingredients – limes, tomatoes, chillies – and is a very social and relaxed experience. I started Benito’s Hat with Felipe who is a phenomenal Mexican chef of 25 years’ experience who knows everything there is to know about Mexican food…it was only when I teamed up with Felipe that I felt confident that we had somebody who could deliver Mexican food and drink (because you need the margaritas too!) the way it should be.”