Calculus CEO John Glencross featured in the FT Adviser

Calculus Capital CEO John Glencross has been featured in the FT Adviser: Guide to investing in EIS.

The guide looked into the drivers behind the increased interest in EIS, how accessible these types of investments are, how to navigate the changes to EIS that came out of the Patient Capital Review and differences between EIS and Seed EIS.

John’s thoughts on the increased interest in EIS were:

“There’s a growing awareness and interest in EIS from a range of investors and intermediaries.”In part this comes from pensions restrictions, which have meant that EIS has become a much more common part of the financial planning conversation for higher earners.”He believes EIS has begun to shed its image as a highly specialist or niche investment.

John was also quoted in a discussion regarding the impact of the Patient Capital Review:

“The increase to EIS investment limits – for end investors and for certain companies receiving funding – demonstrate the government is investing in the UK’s enterprise sector and is backing EIS as an important vehicle for making that investment. This is great news for investors and the growing businesses that will benefit from their investment.”

Contributors to the guide included: John Glencross, chief executive of Calculus Capital; Mark Brownridge, director general of the EIS Association; Jonothan McColgan, chartered financial planner at Combined Financial Strategies; Charles Owen, director at CoInvestor; Dr Ilian Iliev, managing director at EcoMachines Ventures; Hugi Clarke, director at Foresight Group; Bruce Macfarlane, managing partner at MMC Ventures; Mary Tierney, tax director at Bennett Brooks; Simon Ruthers, director, business development at Oxford Capital; Tim Smith, tax partner at RSM UK

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