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Why Calculus EIS?

The Calculus EIS Fund benefits from the generous tax incentives currently offered by the Government for investment into smaller UK companies as part of the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). By investing with Calculus, we will invest monies in such companies on your behalf. There is continued governmental support of EIS as a strategy for growth for small private companies – arguably the backbone of the UK economy.

Under current legislation the Calculus Capital EIS Fund entitles Investors to five generous tax incentives *:

  • Income tax relief at 30%, which can be taken in the tax year the Fund makes its investments or carried back to the previous tax year
  • Tax free capital gains on investments within the Fund
  • Full inheritance tax relief provided the investments have been held for two years and are held at the time of death
  • Full capital gains tax (CGT) deferral of tax due on other capital gains for the life of the investment
  • Loss relief which can be taken as a deduction against income or as a capital loss and can give total tax relief up to 61.5% for the tax year the loss occurred or the preceding year

* The information given above provides only a summary of the tax benefits. The rates shown are based on current UK legislation which could change in the future, possibly retrospectively. These tax benefits depend on individual circumstances. If you are unsure of your tax situation you should seek professional advice from a qualified tax adviser. Tax rules and regulations can be subject to change.

We invest in entrepreneurial businesses with growth potential, across the fastest growing sectors in the UK.

The portfolio will be focused around the following:


The UK is Europe’s number 1 tech nation, largely due to world-class universities, flexible labour market and investor capital supported by schemes such as EIS.
The sector is currently growing six times faster than that of the wider economy*. This hotbed of entrepreneurial activity and innovation presents a strong investment opportunity.
*Tech Nation Report 2020


The UK is in a good position to continue as world leaders in healthcare companies. With top universities, government R&D spend, charitable support and our National Health Service which is a unique institution, the sector is thriving and making significant input into worldwide development.


The UK is a global force in creating content for the screen industries, with world-class infrastructure and talent. UK creative content companies have an established track record of producing award winning, commercially successful films and television shows watched by millions worldwide, and are ideally placed to benefit from this
growth in content expenditure.

Investment growth with managed risk through:

  • Building a portfolio of a minimum of five companies selling successful products or services
  • Targeting companies with proven management teams, profits or a clear path to profitability and ability to meet target IRR of 20%
  • Investing in more developed companies so failure rates are lower and time to exit is shorter

To see examples of our existing investments click here.

Calculus EIS Fund is not an unregulated collective investment scheme (UCIS)

Please take the time to read through the Key Risks

As the creators of the UK’s first approved EIS Fund back in 1999, we have a great deal of EIS knowledge and experience here at Calculus Capital. Through our EIS Education Services, we offer a series of guides on EIS investing and information on the tax benefits available. The document below is suitable for anyone who is new to EIS, or simply wants to learn more – be it a financial adviser or an investor.

Should you have any questions regarding EIS, our EIS Education Services team would be delighted to help. Please get in touch: 020 7493 4940 [email protected]

EIS – A Guide for First-Time Investors

EIS – A Guide for Compliance Managers 

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