Calculus Capital invests in Synpromics

Private equity fund manager Calculus Capital has invested £2.1m in Synpromics, a Scottish-based synthetic biology company. The funds will be used for business expansion and further development of Synpromics’ proprietary synthetic promoter technology.

Synprom21 (00000002)Synpromics is a privately backed synthetic biology business with unique IP and know-how in the development and application of synthetic promoters. Synthetic promoters represent a powerful new technology for improvements in product targeting in areas such as gene and cell therapy; the company has also shown that it can achieve significant yield improvements in bioprocessing. Promoters control the expression of proteins and Synpromics’ technology allows it to develop custom made solutions in all areas of gene expression.

Commenting, John Brown (Chairman), said “Synpromics is a very exciting company working in the highly dynamic synthetic biology industry. The investment recognises the fantastic work of the science team in successfully achieving its technical objectives for all of our projects whilst the business development pipeline has developed significantly, based on the technical success to date. We have a great team and welcome Calculus to the company.”

David Venables (CEO) added “We are extremely pleased to have attracted this investment from a leading EIS fund that has strong technology expertise. The work done by Michael Roberts (CSO and Founder) and his team has evidenced the robustness of the technology and its wide applicability across gene therapy, agroscience, bioprocessing including yeast and mammalian cells. We now plan to focus our growth efforts in particular areas leveraging the great results from our projects. Recent data from a project in CHO cells showed a ten fold improvement in yield using custom made promoters whilst other projects have shown that we can achieve highly specific levels of control over gene expression. These results make us a compelling partner for many biotech and synthetic biology businesses. We look forward to building the business with Calculus.”

Alexandra Lindsay (Calculus) added “We are very excited to invest in Synpromics. The highly capable team, comprehensive IP and leading technology, together with Calculus Capital’s support, will ensure Synpromics is primed to take full advantage of the significant market opportunity available.”