Calculus launches zero initial fee VCT offer – limited time only

Normal initial fees of 3-5% waived until end of December

Award-winning Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Venture Capital Trust (VCT) specialist, Calculus Capital, is waiving initial fees on its VCT until the end of November.

The VCT is aiming to deliver an annual tax-free dividend of 4.5%, as well as capital growth. Earlier this year Calculus introduced a Dividend Reinvestment Scheme for those seeking to reinvest dividends.

To help investors looking to manage their tax affairs most efficiently, Calculus is offering to extend the introductory offer term to those who subscribe now but wish their money to be invested after April 5th, in the next financial year. It will also apply to those who seek to drip feed their investments on a monthly basis over a year but commit to monthly standing orders now.

John Glencross, CEO of Calculus Capital, said: “VCTs have become a vital part of the financial planning mix for a growing number of investors who are reaching pension limits. The Calculus VCT offers instant access to a wide portfolio of some of the UK’s most exciting growth companies. This no initial fee offer has to make the Calculus VCT one of the most attractive offers in the marketplace.”

Calculus launched its first VCT over a decade ago and the Calculus VCT have consistently hit its dividend targets.

Calculus is looking to raise £10 million which it will invest in new companies and to provide additional funding to existing companies in its EIS and VCT portfolios.

VCT investments attract 30% income tax relief if held for five years. Dividends are tax free too, and there is no capital gains tax on the sale of shares.

The Calculus VCT is expected to be invested in a diversified portfolio of 45-50 companies. Investors can commit from £5,000 to £200,000.

From December 31st, Calculus’ normal fees will apply – 5% for those investing direct, 3% for those applying through a professional adviser.

For more information get in touch with the Investor Relations team on 020 7493 4940 or [email protected]