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It has been brought to our attention a number of Calculus VCT shareholders have recently received unsolicited telephone calls and emails from a company offering to buy the shareholder’s VCT shares. We believe VCT shareholders should be very suspicious of these calls and emails, which could result in the company requesting the shareholder to transfer money as a ‘security’ for the transaction.

Should you receive such calls or emails, please email [email protected] or call 0207 493 4940. Please try and obtain the

  • name of company contacting you
  • name of individual contacting you
  • contact details
  • website address

You may also wish to notify the FCA or Action Fraud.


Why Calculus VCT?

Calculus Capital manage the venture capital investments of the Calculus VCT. Calculus has over 20 years’ experience investing in SMEs and is seen as a pioneer in the tax efficient arena. It’s our job to select the best companies to form part of the Calculus VCT portfolio, allowing the Company to deliver regular dividends and capital growth for investors.

  • 30% income tax relief *
  • Capital gains on VCT shares are tax-free
  • Tax-free dividends **

* Shares have to be held for at least 5 years to benefit from Income Tax relief.
** It should be noted that there is no guarantee of dividend levels nor preservation of capital value.

The Calculus VCT seeks to make investments in VCT qualifying companies with the following characteristics:

  • Established businesses
  • Capable and experienced management teams
  • Diverse range of sectors

Investors should only subscribe on the basis of information contained in the prospectus, including the risk warnings, and should note that invested capital is at risk. Tax incentives are subject to change and their value depends on investors’ individual circumstances.

  • The value of, and income derived from, VCT Shares may fluctuate
  • Investors may not get back the full or any amount originally invested
  • The market price of the VCT Shares may not fully reflect, and will tend to be at a discount to, their underlying net asset value
  • VCT qualification requirements may not be met or maintained
  • Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance
  • Investors disposing of VCT Shares within five year of subscription are likely to be subject to claw-back of any income tax reliefs originally obtained
  • Investment in smaller unquoted companies can be difficult and may take considerable time

Investor Information

Publication of Prospectus – 24 September 2019
Issue of Equity – 6 September 2019
Transaction in own securities – 31 July 2019
Issue of Equity – 26 June 2019
Calculus VCT Statutory Account press release – 9 May 2019
Issue of Equity – 5 April 2019
Issue of Equity – 28 February 2019
Change in Calculus VCT Board – 4 February 2019
Issue of Equity – 23 January 2019
Director Change – 13 December 2018
Transaction in own securities – 6 November 2018
Transaction in own securities – 22 August 2018
KCB directorship – 22 August 2018
Issue of equity – 2 August 2018
Issue of equity – 5 April 2018
Issue of equity – 4 April 2018
Transaction in own securities – 11 January 2018
Transaction in own securities – 9 January 2018
Transaction in own securities – 3 January 2018
Result of Merger and Allotment announcement – 12 September 2017
Change of Registrar – 8 May 2017
Issue of Equity – 7 April 2017
Issue of Equity – Amendment – 5 April 2017
Result of Equity Issue – 9 February 2017
Result of Equity Issue – Offer Closed – 2 February 2017
Issue of Equity – 31 January 2017
Dividend Declaration C share – 26 January 2017
Calculus VCT Circular – 25 November 2016
Calculus VCT Prospectus – 25 November 2016
Calculus VCT Offer for Subscription – 25 November 2016
Issue of equity – 24 October 2016
Issue of equity – 24 October 2016
New Offer for Subscription – 28 September 2016
Issue of equity – 3 May 2016
Extension of D Share Offer Calculus VCT – 27 April 2016
Issue of Equity – 4 April 2016
Issue of Equity – 8 March 2016
Member State Announcement 26 February 2016
Change of Registered Address – 21 January 2016
Result of General and Class Meetings – 24 November 2015
Calculus VCT plc Offer for Subscription – 26 October 2015
Notification of Name Change Investec Structured Products Calculus VCT plc – 23 October 2015
Dividend declaration – 4 November 2014
Annual Financial Results announcement – 22 May 2014
Interim Management Statement – 15 January 2014
Interim Management Statement – 17th January 2013
Interim Management Statement – 17 July 2012

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We would be delighted to answer any queries you have, please contact the Investor Relations team on 020 7493 4940.

Madeleine Ingram

Head of Investor Relations and Marketing

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Francesca Rayneau

Investor Relations and Marketing

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Jessica Fox

Investor Relations and Marketing

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Contact Calculus VCT registrar (City Partnership)

Calculus VCT Offer
City Partnership (UK) Limited
110 George Street
0131 243 7210

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