Calculus VCT 0% Initial Fee – Limited Time Offer

Calculus Capital is to waive initial fees on its new VCT until the end of the year, making it one of the most attractive in the current marketplace. Click here to download the Calculus VCT Brochure Most providers charge “promoter … Continued

Calculus VCT – Now Open for Subscription

Calculus Capital launches VCT fundraising – providing exposure to a diverse portfolio of entrepreneurial growth companies Calculus Capital has launched a £10 million fundraising for the Calculus VCT, which aims to deliver investors an annual dividend of 4.5% and capital growth. … Continued

Calculus invests in Arecor

Calculus Capital has led a £6m funding round in Arecor, the UK-based biopharmaceutical formulation company, to develop groundbreaking pharmaceutical drugs to transform the treatment of diabetes. The funding also involved Albion Capital and Downing Ventures, with BioScience Managers Limited advising … Continued

Calculus invests £2m in Oxford BioTherapeutics

London, 3 August 2018: Calculus Capital has invested £2m in Oxford BioTherapeutics (OBT), a clinical-stage oncology company that is developing next-generation cancer treatments. OBT has a strong pipeline of ‘immune-oncology’ (IO) therapies that are intended to provide more targeted, specialised … Continued

Calculus invests £2m in CloudTrade

CloudTrade’s technology – which has been patented in Europe, the US and Australia – enables companies to automatically process electronic documents such as invoices and sales orders received by email. The software extracts information from a human-readable, machine-generated document, such … Continued