Debt Free Direct

Diversified Financials
Placement of blocks of shares on AIM

Coin Dropping Into Piggy Bank

 Most Recent Exit  In Price/Share  Out Price/Share
  2006  £0.60  £4.72

Debt Free Direct (renamed Fairpoint subsequent to our exit) provides a range of solutions to the burgeoning number of individuals with debt problems. The company believes it operates a distinctive philosophy which utilises a computerised ‘best advice’ model and high ethical standards. Debt Free Direct does not provide consolidation or other loans. The company helps creditors achieve a higher return than is generally the case and helps debtors avoid the potential stigma of bankruptcy through a finite, manageable and binding repayment schedule.

Calculus Capital invested in Debt Free Direct as part of an AIM fund raising to provide working capital and subsequently sold its holding in the market.