Arcis Biotechnology

Invested in:
Calculus EIS, Calculus VCT



Arcis Biotechnology is a technology led company with expertise in the development and commercialisation of fast and simple sample preparation techniques.

Arcis provides highly advanced sample preparation technology which is seeking to improve Molecular Diagnostics testing. Arcis’ technology allows the extraction of DNA and RNA from various sample types (human, animal, plant or pathogen) in under three minutes, which is significantly faster than the current laboratory standards. Unlike competitor products or processes, Arcis’ chemistry also protects the extracted nucleic acid from degradation; this preservation technique is novel and highly beneficial, particularly for RNA which is inherently fragile.

Arcis has two DNA extraction products which have undergone significant external validation, they are CE-IVD marked (an EU certification for in-vitro diagnostic use) and were launched in late 2017. Arcis has signed its first licence agreement with Teleflex Inc. (NYSE, market cap. >$10bn) to develop a bedside sepsis test (where speed of diagnosis drives better patient outcomes) and initial progress of their trials is positive. Funds will be used to further develop their licencing pipeline and to support their distributor network for product sales.

Arcis’ RNA products are at an earlier stage of development but have very exciting potential. RNA biomarkers can be an early warning signal that a cell is mutating and turning cancerous, they are very difficult to detect because of RNA’s fragility. Arcis has proven that its technology can stabilise RNA biomarkers for prostate cancer in urine. Preserving RNA in this way enables earlier and more accurate cancer detection.


Calculus invested in Arcis Biotechnology due to their impressive suite of technologies and the wide range of applications for them.

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