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Calculus EIS, Calculus VCT

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Blu Wireless Technology is a firm that is leading the way in bringing ultra-fast mmWave wireless technology into homes and businesses through the roll-out of WiGig and 5G networks. Blu Wireless technology already plays an important role in the creation and roll-out of the next generation of high-speed internet and wireless-enabled systems, ranging from virtual reality headsets and ultra-fast video streaming, through to 5G networks. The company is also set to help pave the way for the advent of so-called ‘smart’ cities, in which the real-time collection and analysis of data from urban assets and infrastructure is undertaken to better and more efficiently manage those resources.

Blu Wireless’ partnership with FirstGroup to deliver an end-to end 5G solution to significantly boost the quality of connectivity on trains, has advanced significantly during 2019. The new technology can process volumes of data 100 times greater than currently possible with 4G technology, meaning it will be much easier for customers to enjoy consistent and fast Wi-Fi connectivity on their journey. Early roll-out is expected on both the South West and West Coast franchises during 2020/21. In addition, there continues to be significant interest in the technology from other UK and overseas rail companies.


Calculus Capital’s investment supplements the recent funding round that included ARM, the UK semiconductor IP company that was acquired in 2016 by SoftBank.  Blu Wireless, which has many of the world’s leading semiconductor and consumer electronics companies among its customers, will use Calculus’s investment to further grow its software design and development team and recruit additional sales and marketing resource to help expand the company’s client base.

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