Duvas Technologies

Environmental Technology
Invested in:
Calculus EIS, Calculus VCT


shutterstock_178501199Calculus Capital has completed an investment in Duvas Technologies Ltd (“Duvas”), a company that develops and produces specialised emissions detection equipment.


Duvas was spun out of Imperial College in 2008 and its highly sensitive detection technology enables remote sensing and identification of airborne chemicals via their ultra violet absorption spectra. The Duvas core technology comprises the software and algorithms, together with an expanding ‘gas library’ of gas signatures, that allow Duvas to programme its devices to recognise such gases.

Duvas targets two key markets and in both cases tighter regulation is driving demand growth. In the Oil and Gas market, the Duvas solution identifies and quantifies toxic chemicals such as Benzene at well sites, refineries and chemical plants; whilst in the Air Quality Management market, the Duvas technology is able to detect pollutants including ozone, Nitrogen and Sulphur dioxides. These gases are key contributors to traffic pollution. Duvas has also developed a tool to measure carcinogenic benzene in real time.


Calculus was attracted to the company due to its strong management team and market leading technology, which can be applied across many different markets. Funds will be used to further expand into the US market as well as other new geographies and to develop the sales pipeline.