Money Dashboard


Financial web based application

money-dashboard-sideMoney Dashboard is a free web based application which empowers consumers to take control of their finances. By using Money Dashboard a consumer is able to view all of their internet enabled current accounts, savings accounts and credit cards in one secure place, providing the true view of their financial lives. They also offer a mortgage affordability tool. 

Transaction data is sorted into easily understood categories and by using the simple charts and graphs consumers can see where their money is going and budget for the future. 


The rise in the cost-of-living within the UK is increasing consumer demand for value, control and transparency, Money Dashboard is well placed to help satisfy this demand.

The company will generate the majority of its revenues by harnessing data to offer insightful information to users on switching services. In addition the company is generating revenues from the sale of aggregated data relating to spending patterns and consumer trends in the UK.

The Calculus investment will be used to expand the user base and to fund ongoing development of the technology platform, supporting rapid growth in revenues over future years.