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Calculus EIS, Calculus VCT

Synthetic biology company

Synprom21 (00000002) Synpromics is a Scottish-based synthetic biology company. The company is developing a portfolio of synthetic promoters for application across target markets which include Cell & Gene Therapy and Bioprocessing. Promoters are the genetic engines that control and drive production of all proteins from their DNA code. Each gene requires a specific promoter to decode it into a protein and these promoters can be altered to increase the amount and speed at which proteins are produced. A synthetic promoter is formed from a new man-made sequence of DNA not currently found in nature.


Synpromics has an impressive client list and has recently won contracts from AGTC (which develops cures for rare lung and eye diseases) and GE Healthcare. Synpromics was also awarded £2.2m in grant funding from Innovate UK in conjunction with Cell Therapy Catapult, to develop a new viral vector manufacturing method aiming to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Synpromics has a very accomplished team, which includes experience at GSK and Ark Therapeutics, and over 90% of the work force have PHDs. Funds will be used to build their promoter platform and to continue to partner with organisations to take products which include Synpromics promoters to market.