Tollan Energy

Invested in:
Calculus EIS, Calculus VCT

Renewable Energy  

Tollan Energy Limited is a company that has been set up to become a generator of renewable energy in the UK by acquiring installed micro-generation facilities.

Currently, Tollan is working with a developer (SES) in Northern Ireland to acquire a portfolio of installed solar photovoltaic (“PV”) panels which will be installed on residential/commercial roofs – that can benefit from Northern Ireland Renewable Obligation Certificates (NIROCs). 


The company will take advantage of the attractive financial incentives that the government has put in place to encourage lower carbon technologies. Due to recent changes in legislation, it is no longer possible to receive feed in tariffs from new solar installations in the UK within an EIS structure; NIROCs are a very good alternative providing an index linked return for 20 years while being compatible with EIS and VCT.

SES has experience in this sector having located sites and installed solar panels on over 2,000 houses in the south of England working for Freetricity.

Calculus invested in 2013.