Once Upon A Time acquires MJ Media

Calculus portfolio company, Once Upon A Time, has acquired youth, entertainment and technology media specialist MJ Media.

MJ Media is Once Upon a Time’s fourth acquisition, representing a keen commitment to the future growth strategy of the firm.

Once Upon A Time provides an independent, integrated customer experience encompassing advertising, online media and in-store activities. The specialisms offered by MJ Media will enhance the firm’s offering, broadening the potential client base as well as providing additional operational synergies.

Once Upon A Time chief executive Garton said: “We are delighted that MJ Media is joining us as it will enable us to deliver highly targeted and effective creative and media returns to our clients, particularly in the digital space.”

MJ Media managing director Matt Fuller added: “I believe that the future of media involves working side by side with creative development and joining Once Upon A Time will enable us to be the first independent to bring both under one roof. We are delighted to be part of shaping and defining a new agency model and be at the forefront of the changing communications landscape.”