Spotlight On: Blu Wireless Technology

As part of our ‘Spotlight On’ series, we focus on Blu Wireless Technology a technology company, developing semiconductor designs for the next generation of high speed wireless data transfer.

Calculus Capital completed a £2.4m investment in Blu Wireless (‘BWT’) in June 2017, as the cornerstone investor in a £7.2 million institutional and private investment round in conjunction with a strategic investment by Arm Holdings plc, the UK based processor design company which was acquired by SoftBank in 2016.

BWT develops hardware and software IP to provide carrier grade wireless communications at multi-Gbit speeds (similar to that provided by fibre). There are immediate applications for fixed wireless broadband (particularly in situations where using fibre would be prohibitively expensive); rail and road transport; and, in due course, providing the “backhaul” for the much denser network of base stations that will be required for 5G roll-out.

BWT generates revenue via two main channels: licensing their core IP (BH2) to semiconductor manufacturers and completing non-recurring engineering projects for a range of technology companies.

The Company has progressed from a working prototype of their primary product to a finalised chip design, with the first production batch received in March 2018. Integrated Device Technology, a US based systems provider with a market capitalisation of $4 billion, which has licenced the technology, will utilise this chip in the roll-out of their new high-speed modems, leading to recurring royalty revenues next year.

BWT has recently added a major licence in the transport sector and won bids to provide its technology to UK Government trials in the fixed wireless broadband and transport sectors.

The below video showcases their involvement in multiple projects with some of the biggest global names in telecoms – the innovations that Blu Wireless are facilitating today, will impact quality connectivity for a lifetime.