Synpromics further cements position as leader in gene control

Calculus Capital portfolio company, Synpromics, has today announced positive data presented by a key partner, uniQure, this week at the European Society of Gene & Cell Therapy (ESGCT) congress in Lausanne, Switzerland and has also unveiled advances its novel promoter platform.

Synpromics, an Edinburgh-based synthetic biology company, is developing a strategic portfolio of valuable synthetic promoters using proprietary technology and cutting-edge techniques. Synthetic promoters are made up of naturally occurring DNA sequences that are designed to regulate the activity of genes, controlling a gene’s ability to produce its own uniquely coded protein. This is key to the delivery of novel gene therapies.

Synpromics Promoter Technology Moves Closer to the Clinic

The uniQure study being presented today incorporates a short, highly-selective and powerful liver promoter that was developed by Synpromics.

The study demonstrates that the promoter is at least eight-times more potent than the industry standard. Such positive data supports the application of Synpromics’ technology in cell and gene therapies and further cements the company’s position as the leader in gene control.

Following these results, the Synpromics promoter will enable uniQure to develop safer, targeted gene therapies for liver disease.

Synpromics Unveils its Next Generation Liver Selective and Tunable Promoter Platform

In addition to the aforementioned positive data, Synpromics is set to unveil advances in its novel promoter platform at the ESGCT congress.

Synpromics has enhanced its promoter platform, such that gene therapies can not only be delivered selectively to target specific cell types, but can also be regulated with separate FDA-approved small molecule drugs, which will ultimately allow therapies to be “switched on and off”. Synpromics is showcasing data at ESGCT in its liver selective and tunable platform which demonstrates these developments.

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