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Why the Calculus Creative Content EIS Fund

This is a new era of investing in the UK creative industries aligned to the Government’s objectives for EIS.

The UK is a global force in creating content for the screen industries, with world-class infrastructure and talent. UK creative content companies have an established track record of producing award-winning, commercially successful films and television shows watched by millions worldwide, and are ideally placed to benefit from this growth in content expenditure.

The Calculus Creative Content EIS Fund will invest in a diversified portfolio of growth orientated UK creative content companies, capitalising on the unprecedented growth in demand.

Calculus has been at the forefront of investing in UK growth companies for twenty years. We are committed to investing in the spirit of the EIS legislation and are pleased to partner with Stargrove Pictures for the Calculus Creative Content EIS Fund. The team brings experience, industry connections and knowledge.

There has never been a better time to create, own and invest in UK content.

Under current legislation the Calculus Creative Content EIS Fund entitles Investors to five generous tax incentives *:

  • Income tax relief at 30%, which can be taken in the tax year the Fund makes its investments or carried back to the previous tax year
  • Tax free capital gains on investments within the Fund
  • Full inheritance tax relief provided the investments have been held for two years and are held at the time of death
  • Full capital gains tax (CGT) deferral of tax due on other capital gains for the life of the investment
  • Loss relief which can be taken as a deduction against income or as a capital loss and can give total tax relief up to 61.5% for the tax year the loss occurred or the preceding year

The information given above provides only a summary of the tax benefits. The rates shown are based on current UK legislation which could change in the future, possibly retrospectively. These tax benefits depend on individual circumstances. If you are unsure of your tax situation you should seek professional advice from a qualified tax adviser. Tax rules and regulations can be subject to change.

The Fund will look to generate attractive returns for investors by sourcing investment opportunities in UK content companies which demonstrate the potential for long term growth.

The Fund will support the growth of sustainable and successful UK content creation companies developing, producing and exploiting ambitious and commercial creative content

  • Invest in at least five content creation companies targeting a broad range of genres, always focused on creating market driven commercial film, TV and game content at prudent budget levels.
  • Concentration risk mitigation and exit value enhancement will be achieved through a cross-platform content strategy including TV, streaming video on demand (SVOD) and other platforms in addition to theatrical features.
  • Strong commitment to investing in companies that recognise the social imperative and market opportunity in encouraging diversity and inclusion. The Fund and the companies in which it invests will work to the BFI’s Diversity Standards.
  • Stargrove will also bring its industry experience and connections to help grow each of the content creation companies invested into by the Fund.

The Stargrove team has overseen over £1 billion of investment in the sector.

The Stargrove team has over thirty years’ combined experience, and has managed and advised on investments exceeding £1 billion in the creative content sector, including £750 million of creative content EIS and VCT investments.

The team has an extensive global network of entertainment industry relationships and connections, and is one of the leaders in its field.

Stargrove’s expertise in managing IP development, building finance plans, advising on key points in commercial negotiations and sourcing finance and distribution will help provide invaluable support to investee companies.

As such, Stargrove is ideally positioned to identify and secure compelling investment opportunities for the Fund and, in partnership with Calculus, to manage the growth of those companies through to successful exit.

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Madeleine Ingram - Head of Investor Relations and Marketing – Calculus Capital

Madeleine Ingram

Head of Investor Relations and Marketing

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Francesca Rayneau

Investor Relations and Marketing

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Oliver Warren

Investor Relations and Marketing