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We offer growth investment opportunities with substantial tax advantages from the most experienced, award-winning, Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Venture Capital Trust (VCT) Fund Manager.

Tax free capital growth via generalist EIS Fund

Tax Free Income via Calculus VCT

Tax free capital growth via creative EIS Fund

Why Calculus Capital?

Calculus are pioneers of the tax efficient investment industry, having launched the UK’s first approved EIS Fund in 1999. Our focus has remained consistent: building portfolios of smaller, UK growth businesses and creating value for our investors through our multi-award winning funds.

Our diligent process, record of profitable exits and focus on capital appreciation distinguishes us from other EIS and VCT fund managers. The Calculus investment strategy has remained consistent for the past 10+ years, together with our structured investment process, strong risk management and very close monitoring of portfolio companies. We have been able to produce significant results for our clients via tax free dividends for our VCT investors, or tax free capital gains for our EIS investors.

Our performance enables tax free dividends for our VCT and tax free distributions for our EIS Funds. Some examples of recent Exits are below – our figures do not include tax reliefs:

  • CloudTrade (October 2021) 4x return
  • Mologic (July 2021) 2.5x return
  • ActiveOps (March 2021) 6x return
  • Open Orphan (March 2021) 1.6x return
  • Genedrive (May 2020) 2.1x return
  • Once Upon a Time (January 2020) 1.8x return
  • Synpromics (August 2019) Details are not publicly available but return multiple significantly exceeded target of 2x return
  • Horizon (September 2015 & August 2016) 1.82x
  • Metropolitan Safe Custody (September 2016) 1.81x
  • Scancell (April 2014) 8.2x
  • Waterfall (December 2014) 5.3x

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We would be pleased to share independent reviews of each of our products, which contain our performance data. Please email [email protected] to request copies.

Evidence of the Fund’s successful approach is also demonstrated by our loyal investor base, many of our clients have invested in multiple Calculus Capital EIS Funds as well as our VCT. A large number of our investors are experienced fund managers and investment professionals who have discovered us through recommendations within the industry.

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Our focus is to find and back great management teams working in entrepreneurial companies successfully selling real products and services. These companies will then form part of our VCT and EIS Funds.

We offer capital appreciation with managed risk:

  • Portfolio of a minimum of five companies for our EIS. Our VCT has a target of 40-50 companies
  • Targeting entrepreneurial companies with proven management teams
  • Target IRR of 20%
  • Typical investment size £2-5 million
  • Failure rates are typically lower and time to exit is shorter than for start-up investments
  • Typically hold investments for a period of 4-5 years on average

We benefit from privileged sources of deal flow – a substantial number of investment opportunities come from management teams that we have successfully backed in the past, other sources include our investor base and industry relationships.

For more information about the EIS Fund click here,for the Calculus VCT click here,for the Creative Content EIS Fund click here

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Our long track record of successful exits is down to our talented investment team and the thorough and robust processes they follow.

  • We execute in depth due diligence of investment opportunities using our experienced investment team and external parties, this process normal takes 4 – 7 months
  • Our ‘hands on’ approach after investment means we constantly monitor performance and effect change when needed, we usually have a member of the team on the board
  • Our talented investment team has experience in a diverse range of sectors. The core team has been together for over 10 years and we have since attracted significant talent from top institutions
  • We always consider exit strategies before we make an investment and our detailed investment agreements are often written with this in mind

From the moment we invest in a company, a partnership is formed. We help our investee companies create value by actively supporting the business, sharing our market knowledge and connections and using our long standing experience of growing small UK companies.

We also run a series of ‘toolkit’ seminars including CEO forums and CFO workshops, where our portfolio companies can meet their peers, exchange ideas and hear from a leading industry expert. Often, the issues facing small businesses are similar regardless of sector. An upcoming forum is focused on ‘building a brand’, recent topics included ‘scaling up’ and ‘how to build a leading sales team’.

What People Say

Calculus has a strong market profile in the tax-advantaged sector, with a long track record as an EIS Manager, launching the first ever Approved EIS fund in 1999.

MJ Hudson Allenbridge, EIS Review, October 2021

One of the longest-standing managers in the VCT/EIS area, Calculus has a highly experienced and stable team.

Hardman and Co, Calculus EIS Fund Review, December 2021

The Manager is further consolidating its position as a leading generalist EIS manager by using its strong fund raising to augment its ability to attract good opportunities.

Allenbridge, Tax Shelter Report, Issue 243

Our history

Calculus Capital was founded in 1999 by John Glencross and Susan McDonald, following careers at senior levels in leading investment banks. They saw an opportunity to create an EIS Fund which would deliver the benefits of EIS investing, whilst providing stronger risk mitigation than investing in single EIS Qualifying Companies. With the co-operation of the The Inland Revenue (now HMRC) and working within existing legislation, Calculus created the UK’s first approved EIS Fund in 1999/2000 tailored to the needs of private investors. Since then, Calculus have gone on to launch 22 Calculus EIS Funds, 5 VCT share issues and created the Calculus Creative Content EIS Fund in association with the BFI in 2019.

Both the Calculus EIS Fund and Calculus VCT provide investors with the opportunity to benefit from many years of invaluable experience. The core team has been together over 10 years and our track record of excellent results has enabled us to attract top talent to this team from distinguished firms such as Deutsche Bank, Flemings, Citigroup, JP Morgan and Apollo.

We have built and retained a strong reputation as an expert investor in EIS and VCT Qualifying Companies through our multi award winning funds. The professionalism of our investment process, track record of profitable exits and focus on capital appreciation combined with strong risk management, distinguishes us from other managers.

Calculus Capital is viewed as the industry standard within the tax efficient investing world, our team is often engaged in discussions with industry and governmental representatives. Our EIS and VCT Funds embody the spirit of professional SME investing and have gained much respect and support from investors, advisers, governments and our peers.

Corporate Governance

Calculus Capital Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA registration number 190854) is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance.

Calculus Capital has a board with a diverse range of experience and backgrounds:

John Glencross – Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Susan McDonald – Chairman & Co-founder

Ken Edwards – Non-Executive Director

The Directors meet quarterly and on an ad hoc basis as required.

The Board has established an Audit Risk and Compliance Committee which plays an important role in the appraisal and supervision of key aspects of the Company’s business including financial reporting and internal controls.

The Directors have also established an Investment Committee whose responsibilities include determining and agreeing with the board the Company’s framework or broad policy for fund investment and considering all investment and divestment proposals.

The Company takes into account the requirements of the Stewardship Code and also has in place internal policies and guidelines on a variety of matters including financial reporting, anti-money laundering, anti-bribery and corruption, conflicts of interest, and promoting sustainable practices within the firm.

Calculus Capital Limited is a member of the EISA and the BVCA.

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